Professional Advisors

Benefits The North East Community Foundation offers:

  • Your clients receive a full tax deduction for their original and any subsequent gifts, which are invested in a tax-free environment and then used for charitable purposes.
  • The grouping of assets under the administrative umbrella of a community foundation creates significant investment management economies of scale.
  • There are no taxes due and no minimum payout requirements.
  • The process for creating a named fund is simple and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.
  • All funds within The North East Community Foundation are covered under a single, and simplified, 990 form and a single audit.
  • Our assets are professionally managed, including investment products that may be unavailable to the individual donor. The end result is more money available to support favored charities.

If you have a client who is interested in estate planning and would like to reach certain philanthropic goals, please consider The North East Community Foundation as a resource.

For more information, please call (814) 454-0843.