Apply for a Grant

Projects Funded by The Foundation

The Foundation provides funding to charitable organizations for projects which benefit the North East community. We prefer funding requests for specific, tangible items or projects in which the funds provided by the Foundation will have a substantive impact.

We do not normally provide funding for:

  • program advertising
  • fundraising events
  • normal operating expenses
  • deficit reduction efforts
  • sectarian religious activities
  • replacement of government or other funding
  • organization startups

Organizations Eligible to Receive Funding

In order to receive funding from the Foundation, an organization must normally be tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. However, if your organization does not have this designation, you can still apply if another tax-exempt organization acts as your fiscal agent.

Timetables and Process

The Foundation Board normally considers grant applications on a quarterly basis at its regular monthly meetings in February, May, August and November. In order to assure consideration of an application at a particular monthly meeting, applications should be received by the Foundation by the following deadlines.

Deadline Monthly Meeting
January 1 February
April 1 May
July 1 August
October 1 November

In addition, certain funds administered by The Foundation are specifically restricted to youth activities. In order to assure that all applications seeking funding for youth activities are considered together, the Foundation asks that applications for the funding of youth activities for a particular calendar year be submitted no later than January 1 of such year.

The foregoing deadlines are not intended to preclude the receipt and consideration of applications outside such time frames. However, absent unusual circumstances, The Foundation would normally expect to process applications in accordance with this schedule.

Application Instructions

The Foundation requests that Applicants download this pdf.

The form of application is not intended to be "one size fits all". Applicants are encouraged to submit any additional information which the Applicant deems relevant in the form of attachments to the application. However, we do ask that the attached form be completed so that we shall have all of the basic information requested in the application.

Section 1.1 — Name of Applicant

It is important that you provide us with the full correct legal name of the Applicant, including any corporate designation such as "Inc.".

Section 1.4 — Section 501(c)(3) Organization

It is important for the Foundation to know whether the applicant is a Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. If you are uncertain as to the status of your organization, your accountant or legal adviser can assist you in
determining the organization's status.

Section 2.1 — Amount Requested From Foundation

Please specify the entire amount of the grant being requested.

Section 2.2 — Date(s) Disbursement(s) Requested

Please provide the date by which the funding is required. If you are requesting funding in more than one disbursement, please indicate the dates on which you are requesting funding and the amount of each disbursement.

Section 2.3 — Project Description

Please describe the project in reasonable detail. You are not limited to the space provided, but may provide whatever description you believe appropriate. If you are not using the WORD format, you may attach the description as a separate document marked "Attachment 2.3". The same applies to Sections 2.4 through 2.8.

If you are acquiring equipment or similar tangible items, please describe the items and attach, if practical, brochures or other product literature describing the items.

Section 2.4 — Project Purpose and Community Benefit

To the extent not covered in Section 2.3, please describe the benefit of the project to the North East community. If applicable, please quantify the number of individuals that will be served as a result of the project.

Section 2.5 — Project Budget

Please describe the overall budget for the project.

Section 2.6 — Project Funding

To the extent not provided in Section 2.5, describe each source of funding for the project, including the Applicant's own resources. Please indicate whether The Foundation's funding will act as matching funds for other funding sources.

Section 2.7 — Project Timetable

Please indicate when the project will be completed, and any relevant interim milestones, if applicable.

Section 2.8 — Additional Information

This section is optional. Please feel free to provide whatever additional information you believe that the Foundation should have in considering your application.

Section 3.1 — Attachment of IRS Determination Letter

Most Section 501(c)(3) organizations will have a determination letter from the IRS indicating that the IRS recognizes the organization as tax-exempt under the Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Please
attach a copy of your determination letter.

Some organizations may not have individual determination letters (such as affiliates of certain religious organizations, chapters or affiliates of certain national organizations, and so forth). If you do not have a determination letter, please attach an explanation of why you believe you are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3). Your accountant and/or legal advisor can assist you in this regard.

Section 3.2 — List of Members of Governing Board of Applicant

This list will help The Foundation to know your organization better and to improve communication between the Foundation and the people involved in your organization.

Section 3.3 — Other Attachments

Please list all attachments (other than Attachments 3.1 and 3.2) to the application. This will enable the Foundation to be certain that it has your complete application. If an attachment relates to a particular section of the application, please mark the attachment with that section number, such as "Attachment 2.5".

Also, if you have an annual report, brochure or similar document describing the Applicant generally and/or the Applicant's activities, we would ask that it also be attached to the application. Again, this will assist the Foundation in learning about, and working with, your organization.

Questions and Additional Info

If you have questions regarding the application process or would like additional information regarding The Foundation, please contact us at by email.

Completed applications should be sent to:

The North East Community Foundation
P. O. Box 327
North East, PA 16428