2022 North East Community Foundation Strategic Plan

We now have the funds to make meaningful and transformational change.

Therefore, we needed a vision, board structure and strategic direction to support it.

Because collaboration is key to the success of any community or initiative, we started the process by listening. Over the course of several months, the task force committee sat down with members of local government, nonprofits and agencies to gauge our community and organization’s strengths, weaknesses, needs and opportunities.

After nearly a year of reflection and planning, NECF is happy to release our new strategic direction. The entire plan is available to download and view below.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life in and around North East by identifying, evaluating and addressing community issues, building charitable endowments and by promoting philanthropic and community leadership.

Additionally our vision includes:

  • To be recognized as a valued stakeholder in the future of North East
  • To be a trusted custodian of resources to fulfill the philanthropic intent of our donors
  • To create transformational grants in support of our non-profits
  • To actively promote community leadership, civic awareness and public engagement

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the members of our board with questions you have about our new strategic direction, The North East Community Foundation or how you can join in our efforts.

It is an honor to partner with donors and the community to make North East better for our residents today – and well into the future.